Then Feed Just One

Today we participated in a service project where we packaged meals to ship to Honduras. During two sessions today, over 400 people packed about 140,000 meals.

It was our seventh year hosting the organization called “Then Feed Just One” at our school. Today we passed the one millionth meal packed in those seven years. Workers each pay $25 or more to buy the food that they package.

The meals consist of soy protein, rice, chicken base, and dried vegetables. They are then sealed in a plastic bag with cooking directions in pictures. These meals will be taken to Honduras with a local mission organization that goes there regularly.

I’m Still Working on My Sketch Book

I committed to The Sketchbook Project, and then I forgot about it. Actually I became discouraged because my first attempt was on Dot Day, on September 15. I used oil paint instead of acrylics, so I made quite a mess and it took a hundred years to dry.

Next time I gave my sketchbook serious thought was on New Year’s, when I saw that Sheri Edwards finished hers (beautifully, I might add).

So, I found my sketchbook and got back to work. Here’s one entry I made for the #edugood photo group.

Yesterday, four days before the deadline, I recruited some of my students to help me. They did! Now I’m putting it together, so I can mail it by Tuesday.

Stand-by for more!

Ah, It’s Friday! A KidWind Delivery

I received a Scale Up STEM grant this fall that will help my students study wind energy. Iowa is a leader in wind energy production, and we have a college close by that has a program in wind energy and turbine technology. I wrote about my training session here.

We have much to learn, but it should be exciting to figure out what to do with these four boxes of materials.