Understanding Understanding

Teaching for understanding is the essence of teaching. Teacher-directed education does not necessarily produce learning, for learning, as John Holt puts it, is a product of the activity of learners. Therefore, teachers guide students to gain the end understandings through exploring, conjecturing, and constructing their own learning.

ASSIGNMENT: The final step for this module is to write a one-paragraph (50 words or less) summary of what you believe it means to understand and to teach for understanding after completing Activities 1-3.

Stop Motion Update

I’m already learning more about stop motion animation.

My students and I tried stop motion with the map of the U.S. We had to move the tripod occasionally because we needed to see while we copied the projected states onto the board.

We drew circles around the legs of the tripod so we could put it back in precisely the same spot. Now, when watching the video, you can see that we really weren’t able to be precise.

With the next attempt, drawing Einstein, I kept the camera stationary, so it looks better. Here are my first two attempts at stop motion animation:

The Einstein video has less motion, but the lighting is all over the place. I’ll have to pay attention to lighting next time.

What’s my next step?