A Day in the Life of Me

The Quick Write today was from Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. She offered a useful exercise of writing everything you did and noticed in a 24-hour period. I sat down this evening to do the activity, asking my husband what I did yesterday. He said, “As usual, you sat right there and worked on your computer.”

“Oh, shoot, is that right? That’s going to be boring to write about,” as I contemplated skipping yesterday. “What did we have for dinner?”

“Oh, no, yesterday was the day we ate alone. You weren’t here.”

Oh, yes. What a short memory I have. Yesterday was the day I spent at a friend’s house. I did and noticed a lot of things. Too much for this assignment today, but I’ll outline it and focus on a few things I noticed, starting with the end and going backwards. (Thanks to Maureen’s suggestion – because I have the same brain issue.)

10:30 to Midnight – Watched too many YouTube videos about politics. “OK, Denise,” I say, slapping the phone out of my hand and turning it off. I finally went to the small bundle my husband left for me on the back of the sofa–pajama shirt, toothbrush and mouthpiece (for grinding of teeth protection). I should start wearing that mouth guard when I watch politics.

10:30 – Finished editing a cover letter for a friend and sent it back.

10:00ish I stopped editing and grabbed my book. I was almost finished, so I took the time to read the sweet ending to Scat by Carl Hiaasen.

9:00 Began working on editing a cover letter for a friend. I noticed that I have a lot of distractions. I did not spend an hour editing, but I had too many tabs opened on my computer, too many text messages to read and answer, too many mostly digital distractions.

7:00 Dinner on the sofa – stuffed zucchini, Lebanese style, I brought back from my friend’s. I noticed that my friend is one of the most generous and hospitable persons I know. She would not stop feeding me and checking to be sure I was all right.

6:35 – arrived home after a lot of traffic – On the way home I noticed the sunset was looking beautiful along the sea. Even though it was wretchedly hot, I stopped for a bit and a photo.

At the sea. I didn’t stay, just took this picture…the temperature today: 95F, 80% humidity, feels like 134F.

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5:15 – on the road with friend’s teens to drop them off at laser tag

4:30 – granola bar and yogurt snack with another large glass of water

2:00 – 5:00 – relaxed and visited with friends. Took a picture of A with the cat for my picture of the day.

Summer lounging. #leisure #cy365 #t365project #jjaproject

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11:30-2:00 – helped tutor some students – I noticed so very much, but that’s for another forum.

11:00-11:30 – helped line up stuffed grape leaves in the pan and figure out how to weigh them down because she didn’t have her regular stone that she uses. She had lent it to a friend. I noticed I had absolutely no schema for making stuffed grape leaves.

10:30 – 11:00 – ate an amazing breakfast, fit for a king. I noticed it was probably three times the calories I needed and would normally eat for breakfast.

I ate almost everything shown in this picture, plus bread! She barely touched it.

10:00 – drove to my sweet friend’s house. I started going the wrong direction, so I had to figure out how to go a different way. I noticed I managed without GPS or too much stress.

7:00 got up and enjoyed a leisurely morning. Drank tea. Read the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in the Bible. Watched too much political news. Replied to some blog post comments. I notice I am easily distracted and have a hard time finishing one thing at a time.