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I teach middle school in a small private school. Next year, I will teach an exploratory class on programming because I take seriously my favorite quote by Angela Maiers: You are a genius, and the world demands your contribution.

In a TED blog post, “4 Inspiring Kids Imagine the Future of Learning”, Thomas Suarez, teenage programmer and entrepreneur, said:

“The future of education should include programming as a major subject. The class will allow students to collaborate on code, teach each other, and communicate outside of the classroom using services such as Google+. This way, students will think more during other classes, be much more likely to get a job and, most important, have fun.”

While we’re not quite ready for a “major” class on programming, we will get started. We will use Scratch, Legos Mindstorms NXT software, and Codecademy.

I love reading, teaching, creating, baking, photography, and so much more! Even though this page is published as a page on my blog, I created it with only html code learned on Codecademy.

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