Up a Tree

Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was.
Do I want to see who Jesus is enough to stop what I’m doing and do it?
Yesterday, I was not.
Today, I want to again.
If I had to go on my own initiative and work,
I would never seek Jesus.
I need to keep admitting that,
and just keep jumping up and looking through the crowd.
Even when I don’t feel like it.
I see that I can’t see because of the crowd.
I climb the tree.
I watch patiently.
I wait expectantly.
And then Jesus shows up
and he does in my life what I could not
even dare to expect.
All I thought was I wanted to see who this Jesus was,
and now he has come into my house.
Now he has called me down the tree
in the presence of many doubters.
Being with him has humbled me
and made me not able to blame
the others for their judgment.
“I’m just doing my job.”
No. I don’t have to say that.
Instead, I repent.
I give and give and give some more.
I let go of the possessions
that tug at my heart,
and I follow Jesus.

Jesus came to seek and save
the lost.
Please find me, O God, I pray.