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I am a grade 5 English teacher of native Arabic speaking studentsĀ and a writer. I love writing with and for my students. They are my inspiration.

I teach in the first school in Bahrain. It has a long history starting in 1899. I’m proud to be part of the legacy of learning, service and good citizenship. Our graduates are improving the world.

Besides making a place for my students to publish their work with a worldwide audience, another goal I have in blogging includes building an online professional learning network for myself. I love getting to visit with people from around the world on our mutual blogs. On this blog you are reading now, I post how I am learning and growing in my present and past classes and endeavors (because I am the chief learner!) I have a teacher blog too. My students’ blogs are all linked here.

In the summer I enjoy traveling, going to workshops, reading, catching my breath, catching up, writing, and spending unhurried time with family and friends.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Denise,

    I have been seeing your name pop up several times with TeachersWrite. This is my first time with TeachersWrite and I have really enjoyed it. I love what you are doing here on your blog, and your other blog. I am a high school teacher, English, but I also teach concurrent enrollment (college class in the high school setting). I stayed at home with my children and started teaching in my late 40s. I am now 55, and I would really like to write more. Thank you for your feedback now and then on TeachersWrite, and I will have to follow your blog when I can. – Kay Berry

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