Mini Lesson with Margaret Powell

Today’s Monday Mini Lesson is thanks to Margaret Powell.

Here is my writing as a result of the research I did on Olympian James Carter using YouTube, Wikipedia and the USATF website.

Ms. R. asked for one more person to share their biography report before recess.

Bailey raised his hand. “I chose to do a bio poem about James Carter,” said Bailey with smooth confidence. “Shall I read it now, Ms. R?”

“Yes, Bailey, that will be great,” she said.

“OK, here it is…

Strong, quick, determined, overcoming
Father of Taleya and Tamere
Whose friends call him Slash
Who loves sprints, hurdles, jumps, relays
Who feels lucky to have conquered Myasthenia Gravis at age 12
Who fears MG could come back
Who is a three time U.S. Champion and two time Olympic finalist
Who wants to help others win the gold in track and field
Born in Baltimore, lives in Durham, NC

After he finished, he asked his classmates, “Any questions?”
Hands raised around the room. Bailey called on the children one at a time.
Do you like track and field?
“Kind of.”
Is his nickname Slash?
Why did you want to study James Carter?
“Because he has MG and he’s Lisa’s dad’s cousin.”
What is MG?
“Myasthenia gravis”
What is your sathinny gravies?
“It’s myasthenia gravis. It’s an autoimmune disease that makes people have weak muscles and other stuff.”
Why did you want to do your bio poem about that disease?
“Actually, I have MG and I don’t really know if James is afraid it will come back.”

Bailey was enjoying explaining all about MG to his captive audience, and it seemed that Ms. R. let her usual three-question limit come and go. “Some other famous people who have myasthenia gravis are Sir Laurence Olivier, Karl Malden, Christopher Robin Milne, and Aristotle Onassis.”

Who are they?

“I don’t know all of them, but they are famous for something or another–acting or being rich. Do you remember Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh. Yeah, that’s him; he had it too. Did you notice all those names are guys?” explained Bailey. “Women and girls can get MG, but I don’t know any.”

“Hey, Slash, good report,” said Debra on her way out the door. Bailey smiled.

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