Bio Poem

My name is Denise.
I am adventurous, trusting, hopeful, and positive.
I am the daughter of Richard and Ginny.
I am the sister of Rick, Lynne, Chris, Judi, Lori, and Keith.
I really like ethnic food, innovative thinking, and getting out of the box.
I feel refreshed when I get out of bed in the morning.
I feel content after taking a brisk walk.
I feel encouraged because I have a good shepherd.
I need peace if my house doesn’t sell.
I need someone to give me hope when I’m discouraged.
I need forgiveness when I mess up and hurt someone.
I give hospitality because it’s rewarding and I love to cook.
I give support if anyone needs it.
I give hope when others are discouraged.
I fear my daughters will be sad because I’m moving.
I fear many more babies and children will die if we strike.
I fear I’ll fall asleep at the wrong times after I change time zones.
I would like to see Christ the Redeemer statue when I go to Brazil.
I would like to see peace in the world because God told us to love everyone, even our enemies.
I would like to see LOVE before the day is through.

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