Making Time

I do need to make time to write. I’d like to follow the model of Miss A, my student, shown above. She constantly carries a notebook and writes beautiful poetry, songs, and stories.

I wrote a lot of blog posts this past year (here and here). I didn’t have a blogging schedule; I just wrote when I had to or was inspired to. I also write models of work to share with my students. However, I want this summer to bring a commitment to write more than that. I want to write for me. I need to dig in and stir things up in my writing world.

I will commit to a daily 15-minute writing session (or more). In the summer, this will be easier. When the fall rolls around, I just hope I have developed a habit that can’t go away.

I prefer to write on my computer on the couch in the living room. This is my lovely view here in Iowa:

However, I can write anywhere, and I always have a notebook of some sort with me for taking notes and doodling.

That is a fancy tail, isn't it?

That is me riding that wonderful creature!

I have told my husband and Sheri, my writing buddy for the #TeachersWrite Summer Writing Camp.

I’m also telling YOU–that is, anyone else who may be reading this post. Thank you! Thanks for joining in the journey with me, and I hope you will leave a comment and a link, so you can tell me your plan too.

Thanks, Kate, for facilitating the camp.

7 thoughts on “Making Time

  1. What a beautiful view for writing! I really need to carry paper with me for when inspiration hits.

  2. Love your view, Denise! You’re sure to find inspiration looking at that each day.

  3. What a beautiful view. I also love my comfy couch in my living room, but I do not have a view like yours. Good luck with your wriiting. I go by Niecy on my blogs, but I am also Denise.

  4. Way to make a commitment, Denise. And I know Deb Day; I lived across the street from her when I was a LOT younger and still living at home. She’s a great teacher, too!

  5. @Niecy,
    Thanks for commenting. I hope you’ll leave a link to your blogs so I can find you!

  6. Laurel,
    Thanks! That is so interesting that you know Deb! I’m glad you told me about the challenge, Laurel.